Using the Search Feature in the Help Desk

At the top of every screen you will see a search field.



Searches are performed within the topic you have chosen.

If you want to search the entire support desk's content and get results from every possible topic, make sure you're in the HOME page, where all the topics are listed:

To get the HOME screen just click the picture of Brian and Syd in the top left corner from any page, or type into your navigation bar.

Narrow Your Search Results

If you want to search an individual topic, and only get results within that specific topic, click the link on the home page to enter that category, then use the search tool on that page:


When you search from this topic's page the only results you will get back are articles inside this category.


If at first you don't find the info you're looking for, just go back to the HOME page to expand your search.

If you still can't find the answer you need please open a ticket by clicking the "Submit a Request" link at the top of any page in the help desk.

For help opening a ticket or registering for an account, see this article.

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