Tracking Leads Generated by Sub Agents

We help you identify YOUR deals that are submitted by all different sources by including the source URL and any name (or another identifier) you provide on the site DFY request form on your lead tracking report (Monday View).


You can have unlimited DFY Websites, just purchase the URL and follow the instructions on the DFY request form on the page in the member's area: THE SITE


It is up to you to track the deals that come from your sub-agent and what you owe them for the deals.


If you want your sub-agent to be able to track their deals, you simply request a Lead Tracking report for the specific URL that he/her leads come from via a ticket here in the support desk.


We will give it to YOU, you give it to them.


We will not communicate with, nor provide training or support to, your sub-agent.


You definitely do NOT want to put them in touch with us... They would immediately be exposed to the Recovery Profit System course and would know ALL your business about how much money you are making.

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