Change the card on file for your recurring payment

To change the card on file for your current/active Revenue Boosters account you can open a support ticket and securely give us the new card billing information, we will manually update your card effective for the next scheduled billing.

**Requests must be submitted 48 business hours prior to next bill date to ensure the change has time to be processed***

If your account has been suspended for payment failure you can restart the subscription by successfully completing a transaction reactivating your existing account.

**You must use the same email address (your Revenue Boosters Log In ID email address)** to reactivate your account, otherwise if you use a different email you will be starting a NEW account. 

To reactivate your account use the links below to pay for your subscription:





Purchase of a new subscription prevents all future billing of any previous/existing subscription so long as you use the same email address. If you are concerned that you may have made a 2nd/new account rather than updating or reactivating an existing account please open a support ticket and provide all potential email addresses so that we can check for you. 

Refunds will not be issued for charges incurred due to multiple account creation. 


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