Update the card on record for Crowdfuding Profits Membership payments

If you would like to change the card on file for your recurring billing on an active and existing membership you will need to purchase a new subscription here  http://crowdfundingprofits.com/restart and then contact support via a new ticket.  We will cancel the original subscription and credit the prorated difference of current paid month toward your next subscription payment.

Cash refunds will not be issued.

Failure to notify support of the new subscription purchase will result in 2 live - active - and billable subscriptions - so be sure you let us know via ticket and get confirmation that we've cancelled your previous subscription.


If you have received notice that your payment has failed three times and your account has been suspended in order to regain access you can purchase a new Crowdfunding Coaching Membership here: http://crowdfundingprofits.com/restart

Until we can get this fixed your Crowdfunding Coaching membership is closed and you no longer have access to

  • The coaching portion of the membership site including Coaching Call archives and access to our 100,000+ Media Contacts database
  • The Mastermind Forum Facebook Group
  • The Bi-monthly Live Training Calls

If you would like our support team to run the card on record again and reactivate your suspended membership, just reply to this email and let us know - we are authorized to manually attempt one "retry"

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