Ensuring Receipt Of All Emails

To ensure you receive all email communication from us we request that take the following precautions to prevent our emails from being marked as junk or spam.

(please note - while support communications will be sent from a support email address please do not initiate a support request by writing an email to that address. All support requests must be submitted via ticket)

Add all emails from the domain "@GetSupport.biz" to your safe sender list

Add the email following addresses to your contacts list:

HELP@GetSupport.biz and




Many of our members have found it very helpful to create a folder specifically for all emails from GetSupport.biz. This ensures that the emails are never sent to spam/junk folders. It also creates a single place to look for any and all communications on your product.  If you need assistance setting up rules to filter your incoming mail into designated folder here are some product specific tutorials:

If you have your own domain and use Outlook to manage your mail, use the Outlook (desktop client) instructions

If you have your own domain and use the default mail program on your Mac to manage your mail, use the Apple Mail (desktop client) instructions




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    lelo motlhammelele

    Add the email to domain 

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    lelo motlhammelele

    Are we going to webner something is wrong please help

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