Requesting and getting added to a Facebook Group

When you successfully complete your transaction purchasing your membership you will receive a Facebook invitation to join the Facebook group. It will be sent to your registration email.

If you don't receive this email, please visit the group (linked below) and click "JOIN GROUP". This will alert an Admin.

An Admin of the group will verify you are an active member and accept your request, adding you to the group.

If you aren't added within 24 working hours (8-5 Eastern, Monday through Friday) please open a support ticket with the following information:

  • Name of group you wish to be added to
  • Your Membership USER ID (usually your registered email address)
  • Your PAYPAL email address (to verify payment)
  • Your FACEBOOK profile name and email address

1% Wolves and 1% PLUS with Automotive Syndication 

Automotive Strategies

Dental Authority Mastermind

Mastering Direct Mail

Savage Siphon

Local Lead Driver 

Local Sales Automation

Local Training Academy

Whiz Sales Systems  


You must be a current member to participate in the Facebook group. Payment failure will result in immediate suspension of access to all corresponding Facebook groups. You will be reinstated to the group upon successful completion of your payment. If you feel you've been suspended or removed from the group in error please contact support. 

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    I love this opportunity

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    I love this opportunity

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    lelo motlhammelele

    I love this opportunity 

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    I'm having issues ordering using cc with PayPal I get timed out every time.
    Can you help? I want to sign up for social media vending! Been trying tks

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